Touring the Wineries of Phoenix, AZ

Wine lovers rejoice! The Touring the Wineries of Phoenix, AZ, is the place to be for vintners from around the world. From lush vineyards filled with vibrant grapes to exclusive and private wine tastings, the diversity of the terrain and selection of wineries that make up the Tour will delight even the pickiest of connoisseurs. More can be found here.

The tour begins in the northern part of Phoenix, where guests can sample some of the finest wines from the area. Guests will tour several of the region’s boutique wineries and delicious sampling of reds and whites. Each unique experience may include tours of the wineries, followed by customized tastings with a knowledgeable winemaker. Learn more about Visiting Forts and Military Bases in Phoenix, AZ.

Once tasted and purchased, the tour will take you deeper into the surrounding valley, offering breathtaking sights, such as saguaro forests, desert oases, and rolling hills. At the southern end of the tour, you can explore some of the oldest wineries in the region, which is home to some of the best wines, such as Carrizo Canyon, Passalacqua, and Chateau Tumbleweed, to name a few.

After winding through various wineries and vineyards, guests can end their journey with a trip to downtown Phoenix, wherein a host of bars, restaurants, and attractions await. Enjoy a delicious drink and dinner at some of the area’s best restaurants. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, jump over to the cosmopolitan Valley Bar to experience some of the best cocktail mixes.

Touring the Wineries of Phoenix, AZ, is the perfect way to sample all the region’s flavors while still having the opportunity to explore some of the unique and exciting attractions the downtown area offers. Gather your friends and family, buy a bottle of your favorite wine, and ​experience the best of Phoenix!