The Iconic Fun Destinations in Las Vegas, NV

While Las Vegas has endless fun things to see and do, some iconic fun destinations are worth mentioning. Learn information about Las Vegas, NV.

Here are some of them in detail.

The Strip

You know, the Strip. You’ve seen the Strip. It’s one of the most famous destinations in the world, and it embodies the spirit of Las Vegas with more than four miles of light, color, sound, energy, and fun. Casinos are constantly jingling. Bars and nightclubs beckon with neon signs. Theaters put on shows; symphony halls have ballets and operas; dance halls get everyone doing the lambada and the meringue. A little-known fact about the Strip is that it’s also quite active during the day. Discover facts about A List of Free Things To Do in Las Vegas, NV.

High Roller

Soaring over the Las Vegas skyline, the High Roller is a marvel of modern architecture. Not only is it the biggest Ferris wheel in Nevada, but it’s the tallest and heaviest in the world. The gondolas are spacious and comfortable.