The Best Shopping Stops in Las Vegas, NV

A trip to Las Vegas shouldn’t end without a shopping experience. The city offers an array of malls, open markets, and other shopping spots you should miss visiting. More can be found here.

Here are some of the top choices.  

Wynn Plaza Shops

Boasting several high-end retail stores that carry everything from runway fashion and evening wear to everyday wear and accessories, its incredible array of international, exclusive, and unique shopping boutiques is housed in exquisitely designed retail space. Shoppers will find stores like Bottega Veneta, Breitling, Hermes, Kiton, and Stella McCartney. This is one shopping destination where the phrase “money is no object” carries extra meaning–a purchase here is genuinely a splurge for most shoppers. Learn more about A Glimpse of Nightlife Experience in Las Vegas, NV.

Showcase Mall

Most people recognize the Showcase Mall’s Coca-Cola Store and M&M’s World, but they’re not the only place to shop. Target is one of the newest additions to Showcase, giving people another option for reasonably priced items. If you’re in the mood for savings, try the Ross Dress for Less or Burlington, and shoe enthusiasts will be delighted to see a DSW.