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  • Premises Liability Lawyer Las Vegas NV

    Property owners and others responsible for maintaining property have an obligation to ensure their premises are reasonably safe and free of potential hazards.

    When a property owner, landlord, maintenance manager or controlling tenant is negligent in providing safe premises or warning of potential dangers, innocent people can sustain severe injuries. If you suffered a severe injury as a result of dangerous or inadequately maintained property, the Las Vegas premises liability attorneys at Lloyd Baker Attorneys may be able to help you pursue the financial compensation you need as you recover.

    The individual or party in control of a property has a responsibility to warn of any hazards that may exist and take steps to repair potentially dangerous issues. In Nevada, plaintiffs in premises liability cases must establish that the property owner knew or should have known a hazard existed.

    Common factors in premises liability cases include:

    • Negligent security
    • Inadequate lighting
    • Loose handrails or guardrails
    • Wet or icy walkways
    • Broken stairways
    • Construction hazards
    • Inadequate fencing
    • Inaccessible emergency exits
    • Inadequate warning signs
    • Dangerous playground equipment

    Although many problems can seem minor, they can contribute to serious injuries. The Las Vegas premises liability lawyers at Lloyd Baker Attorneys specialize in dangerous premises cases that result in severe injuries including:
    Many of these things can result in dangerous slip and fall accidents. In turn, these accidents often result in severe injuries such as:

    Premises liability injuries can be caused by a broad range of factors, from animal attacks to slip-and-fall accidents. Because there are different regulations that apply to property owners, managers and occupants, it’s important to meet with an experienced premises liability attorney if you were hurt due to a dangerous premises issue.

    If you believe your severe injury was caused by inadequately maintained property, please contact Lloyd Baker Attorneys for your free case consultation. Our Las Vegas premises liability attorneys are ready to listen to your story and guide you through the complex legal process. We value lifelong clients, if you have been injured in an accident we want to be the one firm you call.