Norristown, PA, is Full of Landmarks

There are multiple landmarks in Norristown that teach local residents and visitors about the history of the town. If learning the history of Norristown is something you are interested in, you should consider visiting the places below. Learn information about  Phoenix, AZ.

The Highlands Mansion Gardens

This is a lovely place to visit as the place is surrounded by huge stone walls. The gardens provide a beautiful example of early gardening with a unique blend of horticulture and architecture. The site has nine buildings you can visit and enjoy the different sceneries. The Highlands Mansion Gardens is available for historic tours from Monday to Friday. This means you can visit the place any time of the week whenever you are free. This is a local treasure that is charming and pretty. You can go to take pictures there for your special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Discover facts about Norristown, PA is a Kid-Friendly Town.

Valley Forge Arch

This is a great place for local residents to take a moment and remember the history of Norristown and all the lives lost. It is a historical attraction that caters to people of all ages by offering seasonal tours and recreational activities. They also offer annual events for visitors from all over the world. By visiting the Valley Forge Arch, you can retrace the steps of the first president and the Continental Army. You can take a journey through the rolling countryside to see the brigade huts that were reconstructed in honor of the log cabins built by soldiers in 1777. You can also see the Washington Headquarters, which is where Washington and other high-ranking officials lived and worked when in Valley Forge. You can also visit the new museum exhibit at the Visitor Center. This exhibit contains hundreds of artifacts and a model of George Washington. By the time you leave Valley Forge Arch, you will have learned history worth over 200 years.

Upper Roxborough Reserve

This is an abandoned watershed project that has a reservoir. The reservoir has ice hockey, where kids and teens go to play ice hockey all day. You can also enjoy the toad detour, where tons of volunteer police help toads cross the streets safely. You can either help the toads cross or go to see the beautiful sight of them crossing. You can also go running, walking, or jogging at the reservoir on the beautiful landscaping created. There is a path that surrounds the fence enclosing the reservoir. There is even a spot with a picnic bench where you can spend time with your loved ones.

Selma Mansion

Walking into the Selma Mansion is like walking back in time. The Mansion is run by the Historical Society, and it has a very interesting past. The building is full of historic value for the family that built it and lived there and the city that surrounds it. You can go for the Ghost Hunts event at the Selma Mansion. The Mansion is a haunted location where you can hear whispers, voices, and the presence of someone waiting nearby. If you and your friends love such adventures, the Selma Mansion would be the perfect destination.