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  • The United States is a nation on the move. From the cars that Americans use in all aspects of their daily lives to the trucks that transport goods from the source to the store, motor vehicles are intricately entwined in the fabric of society. Unfortunately, there is a price attached. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there were more than 7.2 million crashes nationwide in 2016 that resulted in over 37,000 fatalities and more than 3.1 million injuries.

    If you are like most people, you never expected to be injured in a motor vehicle accident, but you were. Perhaps your injury occurred during a collision between your car and another automobile or truck. Perhaps you were struck by a vehicle while riding your bicycle or motorcycle. You may even have been a pedestrian or a passenger riding on a commercial vehicle at the time of the accident. However you were injured, the fact remains that the accident has had — and may continue to have — a profound effect on your life and possibly the lives of your loved ones.

    You may be in physical pain from your injuries, making it difficult or impossible to perform tasks that you once took for granted. You may be unable to work, take care of your home, shop or participate in family activities. If your injuries are severe, you may find that changing your clothes, preparing even a simple snack, or taking care of your grooming needs is beyond your abilities. You may have to rely on family members or hire a caregiver to help you with even the most basic tasks.

    In addition, you are likely enduring emotional distress. Even if your injuries have not left you completely disabled, you are concerned over your mounting medical bills. If you are unable to work, you are probably worried about how you can continue to pay your normal bills as well as those related to your medical care. Your vehicle may need to be repaired or replaced, causing you additional stress.

    You may also be concerned about what the future will hold. If you suffered a severe injury, you could be facing an extended period of rehabilitation. You are worried about how you will pay for your future medical expenses, especially if you will be unable to be gainfully employed until you are fully recovered. Your career plan could be sidetracked, or you may be forced to choose a different occupation as a result of your injury.

    Furthermore, you may not be suffering alone. Your parents or adult children may have to help with your personal care or contribute to your financial support. Your spouse may feel the need to work longer hours or take a second job. If you have young children, they may not understand why you can no longer do the things that made your time together so special. Plans for a vacation, a new house, a college education or a new car may need to be postponed indefinitely.

    In short, you may wonder whether you will ever have your old life back, and it may seem unfair that you are suffering for someone else’s negligence. Although no one can turn back the clock to the time before your accident, there are laws that were enacted to help those injured due to a driver’s negligence. In the United States, driving is a privilege, and it is a privilege that carries a responsibility. Drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles in a safe, reasonable manner. This means that they should not drive while impaired, allow themselves to be distracted, ignore traffic signs, exceed the speed limit, or otherwise operate their vehicles in an unsafe manner. When drivers breach their duty and injure another party, that party is entitled to seek financial compensation. Financial compensation can include payments for medical expenses, lost wages, property losses, loss of future income, and payments for the injured person’s pain and suffering.

    If you have been injured in an automobile accident, a personal injury attorney can evaluate your situation and help you seek the compensation that you deserve. At Lloyd Baker Powerhouse Injury Attorneys, our practice is devoted to matters related to personal injury law. From our offices in Las Vegas and Phoenix, we serve clients who are residents of or were injured in the states of Arizona and Nevada. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced, and we are willing to fight for your right to be fairly compensated. To date, we have collected more than $117 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients. We are excellent listeners who recognize that everyone is a unique individual with unique needs. We offer free case consultations, so call our Las Vegas office at 702-444-2222 or our Phoenix office at 602-265-5555 to schedule yours today. If you prefer, you can reach us through our website by using the online chat feature or submitting the contact form.

    Do not make the mistake of refusing medical attention. Because a motorcycle provides less impact protection than any other vehicle, it’s especially important to get evaluated by a physician. Although you may feel perfectly fine at the scene, symptoms may start to appear later on. This is especially true for soft tissue injuries and concussions. By getting your injuries on record, you’ll have a much better chance of winning your case.

    The doctor or hospital can send the bill to your health insurance company. This will enable the health insurance provider to seek compensation from the at-fault motorist. However, keep in mind you may have to cover any deductibles or co-pays. When filing your claim, your accident lawyer will include these costs in the suit.

    Even if you do not have any health insurance, you should seek treatment. Many medical facilities will still provide care. Remember, your motorcycle insurance policy likely includes medical payments coverage. If it doesn’t ,we can get you medical treatment under a lien.

    The jurisdictional law is based on the state where the accident occurred. A lawyer legally has to be licensed in the jurisdiction where the accident happened or associate an attorney in that is licensed in that state. Also, consider the fact that every state’s laws and court system works differently. When being represented by a lawyer who knows the local laws, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind that your case is being handled appropriately.

    The insurance runs with the vehicle so the owner of the vehicle insurance is the primary coverage, the vehicle owner’s liability coverage extends to other people who drive the vehicle.  The negligent driver’s insurance is the secondary insurance that would stack on top of the owner’s policy, if applicable.  Although the owner of the car may not have been driving, they could still be personally liable for the accident. This is especially true if they negligently entrusted their vehicle to the driver and gave the individual permission or the keys to drive their vehicle knowing the driver was a risk such as intoxicated, underage or a reckless driving record, etc. Most importantly, both the negligent driver and the insurance on the vehicle that was responsible for the accident, is responsible for paying for your injuries, loss wages, medical bills future care and any permanent impairment.

    When causing an accident while driving a rental car, a person’s insurance provider will be responsible for the liability coverage if they signed a waiver. The rental company could also be held accountable for a collision up to the state minimums. If the agency rented to a minor or failed to properly maintain the vehicle, they can be included in the lawsuit.

    After being involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s perfectly normal to be a bit shaken up. However, calling the police should be a top priority. When attempting to get compensated for your injuries, the police report will prove to be valuable evidence. If you are physically able to do so, take pictures of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles and any visible injuries you have.  It’s also advisable to exchange info with the other party involved and any witnesses. Avoid admitting fault at all costs.

    While you may be eager to contact the driver’s insurance company, this is not the ideal approach. DO NOT GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT TO THE AT FAULT INSURANCE COMPANY WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT.  This is one of the most devastating actions injured people do. Insurance companies are difficult to deal with.  They make a lot of false promises and delay your treatment if they can, which hurts your case. Some will even attempt to use your statements against you. Allow your motorcycle accident lawyer to handle the task of communicating with the insurance representatives. You’ll be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and damaging pitfalls.  An experienced lawyer knows exactly what to do.

    Insurance companies will often hurriedly offer you a minimal amount to get you to sign a release of your claims against their insured before you know the full extent of your injuries, medical bills and/or future care you will need.  They are hoping the money will entice you to a quick settlement. Quickly accepting a settlement may seem like an easy solution. Unfortunately, the insurance company’s initial offer will almost always be much less than you merit. After your motorcycle accident lawyer negotiates, expect a far better outcome.

    You can receive compensation in three different forms: economic damages, noneconomic damages, and in some cases, punitive damages. As you can expect, economic damages relate strictly to monetary value. The cost of repairing your bike and medical expenses are included. Noneconomic damages involve things like mental and physical suffering past and future. Lastly, punitive damages seek to punish a person who purposely or with wanton disregard for the safety of others recklessly inflict harm or jeopardized your well-being. Driving under the influence is a perfect example of a case in which punitive damages should be assessed.

    To find out whether or not you have a case, consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. If you’ve experienced financial loss or a personal injury because of a negligent driver, you deserve to be compensated.