Las Vegas, NV Bubbles with Beautiful Parks

When it comes to parks, Las Vegas never disappoints. The city offers an array of parks, most of which have every amenity to keep you busy or relaxed. Las Vegas, NV can be seen here.

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Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

The grassy, tree-filled Floyd Lamb Park offers a great respite from the desert. Several ponds in the park support a wealth of plant and animal life, including an abundance of birds. Fishing in the stocked ponds is allowed (with a license), although no swimming or wading. The grounds are full of critters, including peacocks, geese, and ducks used to people feeding them. Be careful if you have small children because giant birds can be persistent. Paths and picnic tables make the park an attractive choice for a day of walking, picnicking, or watching wildlife. Click here to read about The Standout Hotels in Las Vegas, NV.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Just down the road from Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area on Highway 159, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is a small oasis in the dry Mojave Desert. Natural springs had attracted people from the early Native Americans through more modern times when pioneers and ranchers settled here. Historic buildings, some dating to the 1860s, are located throughout the ranch’s acreage. Grassy meadows, trees from a former orchard, and hiking trails surround the main ranch house. Picnic areas offer visitors a place to enjoy lunch.