Discover the Beauty of Las Vegas, NV’ Springs Preserve

The Vegas Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural and historical heritage preserve where plants and animals inhabit the grounds, and Las Vegas historical past still lingers. The Preserve is nestled in the ancient Las Vegas Valley and provides habitat for many species of threatened wildlife and stunning examples of desert native plants. With its five trails, outdoor concerts, cultural and educational experiences, and activities for children, the Springs Preserve is sure to have something for everyone. Las Vegas, NV can be seen at this link.

The Mojave Garden at the Preserve is a lush, living exhibit of native desert flora and the peaceful sounds of birds. With the help of the Springs Preservation Foundation, the Garden has been able to evolve over the years and steadily thrive, boasting a variety of native plants, along with some unique species from other desert regions as well. Explore the Garden’s thousand-year-old Joshua trees, creosote bush, sponge brush, and banana yucca. This part of the Preserve is perfect for a stroll and an opportunity to take in the beauty of the desert. Information about Hang Out & Have Fun in Neonopolis in Las Vegas, NV can be found here. 

The Living Gallery is another must-see area of the Preserve. This indoor gallery features a large variety of native plants and interactive exhibits that showcase the area’s history, right down to the details of the plants and animals that call the Preserve their home. Stop by and take snapshots of the fish, birds, reptiles, and other species on display. Plus, specialty programs like Nature Talks with a Ranger, Springs Cookout, and Art in Nature are open to the public all year round.

The Springs Preserve provides a unique experience. This oasis offers interactive exhibits, nature walks, and art displays. Visit and see all that this must-see location has to offer!