A Glance of The Must-Visit Spots in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, like any other town, offers an array of fun things to see and do. But if your itinerary is tight and you are looking for some must-visit spots while in town, you can consider the following. Learn information about Las Vegas, NV.

The Strip

The 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, which runs through the city from northeast to southwest, known as the Strip, is where the action is. Lined with huge entertainment palaces, many built with a defining theme, and home to performance venues, luxury hotel rooms, and fine dining, this is what most people think of when they picture Las Vegas. One must-dos in Las Vegas is walking along the Strip and soaking up the sights. It’s awe-inspiring at night when the city is illuminated by an endless succession of glittering neon signs. Discover facts about The Fun-Filled Amusement Parks in Las Vegas, NV.

Fremont Street Experience

In old downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is a pedestrian-only area with unique sites. A five-block section of Fremont Street is covered with a canopy of LED lights illuminating the sky in a spectacle of different colors and designs as you walk below. Known as the Fremont Street Experience, each night, fantastic music and the visual show takes place overhead. Street performers and unique entertainment act often perform outdoors in this area.